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RJ45 LAN Modular Plug for Cat 5e/6/6A | Eight Limited

The RJ45 LAN modular plug collection from Eight Limited is high in performance and stability. Find your perfect solutions for network building in Hong Kong.

A reliable and good quality RJ45 LAN modular plug provides a stable network system

RJ stands for "registered jack." LANs (local area networks) are normally connected to computers using the eight-pin RJ45 LAN connector. Originally created for telephone use, this type of connector is now applied to a variety of devices. A Registered Jack-45 is abbreviated as RJ45. In today's world, Ethernet cables are most commonly known by the term RJ45. A registered jack, or RJ45 LAN connector, is a standardized interface for connecting telephone networks in telecommunication networks. Originally developed as a more compact and more cost-effective replacement for old-fashioned hardwired cable and bulky plug methods of telephone installation, RJ connectors offer significant advantages over the older methods.

The wiring patterns of the jacks are specified by the registered specifications, not their physical properties. There are several types of RJ45 LAN connectors used for Ethernet jacks. A modular connector with eight positions and eight contacts, the 8P8C, is used for telecommunication cables. Additionally, it is referred to informally as an RJ45.

Every day, technology grows more advanced, and if we do not keep up, we will be left behind. Your business needs the best network infrastructure if it wishes to keep up with technological development. A business needs to have a good network infrastructure to maximize operations and profits. There are different requirements and requirements for cabling infrastructure in every industry, as every company has different needs and visions for the future. To maximize your company's advantages, it is crucial to select the best network solution. As well as saving a lot of time and money, it also helps to streamline business processes. It is essential to have good quality RJ45 LAN modular plugs for building an efficient and long-term networking system.

RJ45 Cable for Ethernet Connections

RJ45 LAN connectors are found on both ends of Ethernet cables. As a result, Ethernet cables are sometimes referred to as RJ45 cables. Computers are connected to Ethernet networks with these cables. While the RJ-45 connector is slightly wider than the six-pin RJ11 connector, it looks similar. RJ45 Ethernet cables have eight pins each, so they have eight wires of various colors.

Modular Plugs

Plugs that connect cables and cords to electrical appliances and devices are called modular plugs. Many network solutions like audio equipment, telecommunications, and network connectivity can be used because of it. Ethernet cables and telephone cords are often connected with modular plugs. While plugging a phone into the wall and using a modular plug or connector, it is common to see them. Their ease of use and handling, good connection, and cost-effectiveness make them an excellent choice.

Connections between inputs and outputs are completely safe and reliable using our RJ45 LAN modular connectors. An inbuilt locking system in our modular plugs and jacks prevents accidental unplugging due to shock or vibration. Our RJ connectors have a compact design and are very easy to install and save space with flexibility in design. As a result, we can use these connectors in many applications like data communication, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment.

Our RJ45 LAN modular plugs are an ideal solution when running network cable near high voltage installations. In addition to reducing electromagnetic interference, the shielding of RJ45 modular plugs also ensures that signal integrity is preserved. They will not get damaged easily and can withstand any amount of pulling and strain. This is the most reliable and resistant connection that you can ever get. Choosing our product maximizes efficiency in addition to saving money and time.

The RJ45 LAN modular plug collection from Eight Limited is high in performance and stability. Find your perfect solutions for network building in Hong Kong.

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RJ45 Modular Plug