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8 Ways RF Combiner
Price: HK$0
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  • 8 in 1 Out RF Combiner
  • 1U Rack mount
  • Low insertion loss, high return loss and isolation
  • High quality, Durable, Reliable and Flexible


Insertion Loss OUT-IN 5-240MHz 10.5 dB(Max)  
  240-470MHz 11.0 dB(Max)  
  470-750MHz 11.5 dB(Max)  
  750-1000MHz 12.5 dB(Max)  
Isolation Loss IN-IN 5-240MHz 28 dB(Min)  
  240-470MHz 30 dB(Min)  
  470-750MHz 28 dB(Min)  
  750-1000MHz 25 dB(Min)  
Return Loss IN/OUT 5-240MHz 16 dB(Min)  
  240-470MHz 16 dB(Min)  
  470-750MHz 16 dB(Min)  
  750-1000MHz 16 dB(Min)  
General Information Interface / Impedance F, 75Ω  
Dimensions W x D x H 485 x 140 x 45mm  
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