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DTMB TV Analyzer
Price: HK$0
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  • Support DTMB digital TV signal measurement (GB20600-2006) 
  • Spectrum analyzer and analog TV measurement feature
  • Echo analysis feature
  • Long operating hours
  • Built-in re-chargable Li-ion battery 
  • Support channel scan 
  • Tilt, C/N ratio measurementl
  • Support FM signal and FM audio demodulation

DTMB Feature

Frequency Range 58 ~ 858 MHz
Frequency Resolution 10 KHz
Range Power 25 ~ 120 dBm
Level Resolution 0.1dB
Level Accuracy ± 1.5 dB
MER Range 13 ~ 34 dB
BER 1E-2 - 1E-8
Echo Test Yes
Other Features Single, multi-carrier compatible, constellation diagram, MER, BER, modulation scheme, FEC code rate, frame Header mode, symbol interleaver

Analog TV Feature

Frequency Range 5 ~1000 MHz
Frequency Resolution 10 KHz
Level Range 25dBμV ~ 120dBμV
Level Accuracy ± 1.5dB
Other Test Functions C /N, V/A, slope, limit, channel management, FM audio demodulation, channel scanning (EA1500 only)

Spectrum Analyzer Feature

Frequency Range 5 - 1000 MHz
Level Range 10dBμV - 120dBμV
Level Resolution 0.1dB
Level Accuracy ± 1.5dB
Measurement BW 995MHz 
SPAN Range  8 MHz / 16MHz / 32MHz / 50 MHz / 100MHz / 200MHz / 500MHz / Full


Dimension 279 x 118 x 57 mm
Weight 740 g
Display Interface Chinese
Battery 8.4V/2.6AH Lithium
Battery Operating Hour 5hr


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