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CIF 6000+A/D
Fagor Channel Conversion
discontinues-iconThis product was discontinued on August 01, 2020
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  • The built-in AGC circuit keeps a stable output level
  • Enables the conversion of any input channel, in any output channel, eliminating the incompatibilities between channels
  • It allows output signal total disconnection
  • Incorporates a LED with input level information
  • It also offers the possibility of fine tuning the output channel frequency to disperse intermodulation products in installations with many channels
  • Screws and power supply cable included


Input/Output Connectors F Type
Input Frequency 47 ~ 862MHz
Input Fine Tuning ± 4.5 MHz (In steps of 250KHz)
Input Level 65~90 BµV analog, 55~80 BµV digital
AGC >30 dB
Noise Figure <9 dB
Output Level Adjustable  75~90dBµV analog, 65~80dBµV digitale
VSB Output Frequency E21...69
Phase Noise 83dBc / Hz@10KHz 102dBc / Hz@100KHz
Output Fine Tuning ± 4.5KHz (In steps of 125KHz analog, 166KHz digital)
Spurious in Band -54dBc
Carrier Accuracy ± 30KHz
Carrier Stability ± 20KHz
Output Level Stability ± 2dB
Channel Flatness ± 1dB
Image Frequency Rejection 60dB
Input ChannelR ejection at output 60dB
Through Losses at input ± 1dB
Through Losses at output 1.5dB (47 ~ 862 MHz)
Adjacent Channel Rejection >55dB




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