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Nexum 645 Series
Fagor AGC Channel Amplifier
Price: HK$0
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  • Exceptional selectivity and high output level
  • Constant output level within the input operative range, maintaining the quality of the signal
  • High shielding degree, metal chassis (zamak) with "F"connectors
  • Modular design the allows channel configuration according to installation needs
  • Easy to set-up due to its system of splitting at input and combining at output


Channels 21...69
Max.Output Level 125 dBµV
Max. COFDM Output Level (dBµV) 118 IMD3 ~ 35dB 
Gain 53 dB
Manual Output Regulation 20 dB
Operative Input Rang 65...95 dBµV
AGC Range 30 dB (65 ~ 95 dBµV)
Min. Input Level 45 dBµV
Bandwidth 8MHz
Selectivity (dB)

30 fcN ± 8MHz

60  fcN ± 16MHz

70  fcN ± 24MHz

Return Losses 9 dB
Noise Figure 11 dB (7 when using ABF 012 at the input)
Operating Temperature -10 °C ~ 60°C
Operating Humidity Up to  98%
Impedance (Input & Output) 75 Ω




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