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Optical Power Meter
Price: HK$0
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  • Easy to install 
  • Cost effective
  • High quality
  • Self calibration
  • Apply replaceable batteries
  • Linear Display (mW) and Logarithmic display (dBm)
  • show on the same screen
  • Support FC/SC/ST interface and quick switch
  • Auto switch
  • Backlight available


Applicable fibers Single mode or Multimode   
Working wavelength 850-1625 nm  
Connector FC / SC  
Size 190 x 100 x 48 mm  
Test Range -70~+10dbm  
Probe Type InGaAs  
Wavelength Range 800~1700nm  
Standard Wavelength(nn) 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625  
Display Resolution Linear Display 0.1%; Logarithmic display 0.01dBm  
Working Temp -10~+60°C  
Storage Temp -25~+70°C  
Auto Switch-off Time(min) 10min  
Power 2x AA rechargeable lithium battery or Alkaline batteries (NOT included)  


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