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Programmable Channel Converter
Price: HK$0
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  • Default setting is Hong Kong, easy to use
  • Read-out of input level strength: no need for field strength meter
  • Can process and convert more than 50 channels
  • Sharpest filters on the market (50 dB on adjacent channels)
  • Real-time AGC on all individual multiplexes
  • Complete flexibility in assigning filters from any input
  • Made in Europe


Inputs 4 VHF/UHF + 1 FM
Outputs 1 main (FM - VHF - UHF) + 1 test port (-30db)
Connector (Input & Output) / Impedance F-Type / 75Ω
Frequency Range FM: 88 - 108MHz, VHF: 174 - 240MHz, UHF: 470 - 862MHz
LTE Protection Automatic selection: 694, 790 or OFF (MHz)
Input Level FM: 37 - 77dBμV, VFH: 40* - 109dBμV, UHF: 40* - 109dBμV
FM Output power (60dB/IM3) 113 dBμV
VHF/UHF Output power (60dB/IM3) 120 dBμV
VHF/UHF Output power (35dB/IM3) 131 dBμV
VHF/UHF Output power with 1 MUX 118 dBμV
VHF/UHF Output power with 6 MUX 113 dBμV
Conversion Yes (from any VHF-UHF channel to any VHF-UHF channel)
Gain FM: 35 dB , VHF: >45 dB, UHF: >55 dB
Noise Figure <7dB
Gain Adjustment: FM/VFH/UHF 20db Channel AGC
General Attenuator 15dB
Slope Adjustment 8dB
Selectivity 35dB / 1MHz
Output MER VHF: 35dB, UHF: 35dB
ESD Protection All inputs
Remote Voltage for Preamp 12 or 24V
Remote Current 100mA(total for the 4 inputs)
SD Port Yes (for copy configuration and upgrade features)
Operating Temperature -5 to +50°C
Power Supply 100 - 240Vac 
Power Consumption 16W
Dimensions 220mm x 165mm x 55mm 
Weight 0.8kg
*For 64QAM with code rate 3/4
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